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Our Story

Harborview Health Systems was founded with a vision to create buildings that offer a home-like environment, going beyond the typical nursing home. We focus on providing exceptional skilled nursing care, alongside onsite rehabilitation and physician services. Our commitment to resident-centered care is driven by our compassionate staff. Each of our centers is led by a licensed administrator, ensuring professional oversight and care. Harborview now includes 27 health centers across Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, caring for over 2,500 residents with an equally committed team of healthcare professionals.

We Believe

We believe that people determine the potential of our entire health care system and we focus on hiring great people. Our caregivers are people we would trust our loved ones or families with, people we would enjoy working with, and people who can make us laugh or smile. We take good care of our dedicated healthcare team so that they can, in turn, take good care of our residents.
At Harborview, we forge strong relationships with our residents and their loved ones. In doing so, we ensure that morale is high during the wellness and recovery process, and when morale is high, a positive outcome is much more likely.

Our entire interdisciplinary team shares a clear vision to guide our residents and their loved ones through every aspect of maintaining and improving functions.

At Harborview, you can rely on strong leadership from our Executive Director through the multiple layers of our staff. Our team will lead the way to wellness and the best possible outcomes.

As a faith-based organization, we believe that God has dominion over all matters and that prayer is no small matter. Praying for our residents is an integral part of every care plan.

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Staff at all Harborview facilities pride themselves on going above and beyond to provide the very best care possible.

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